I AM a mother of two beautiful girls, the owner of a home day care, a playwright and an artist.

In 2010 my first child was born. I threw myself into the lioness role of motherhood with dedication, refusing to look back at the person I once was. Everything I had enjoyed and made me who I was felt unnecessary. I signed up to be a breastfeeding buddy for the city as a way to promote better opportunities for other women’s babies; I took training courses to be a postpartum doula hoping I would learn all the best ways to care for my own babies. I was in fear of failure, of being proven as a fraud.

Years later I’m still terrified of my daunting role as a mother but perhaps with the few seconds I have to myself each day now that my kids are getting a little older, I’ve realized that to be a good mother I have to be a good ‘me’ first. I'VE MISSED CREATING AND PERFORMING and just exploring ideas that helped to inspire my soul in a way that made me feel more whole. When I turned 40 I started writing a play. Once upon a time I wanted more than anything to be a successful actress but I no longer have the time to commit and so the next obvious step was to write instead. It felt silly and amateurish and quite honestly I kept it to myself. I worked on that play for almost a year and although I thought it was the only story I had inside me I have written many more since, a couple full lengtsh, a few short stories, magazine articles and a couple essays. I also write an art BLOG.

If you took a snapshot of my life approximately twenty years ago you would see a twenty-something child who moved to New York City to fulfill the image she had in her head of a successful actress. She enjoyed the limelight and the recognition and attention it gave her and she had this crazy notion that New York City was going to just hand her the success she had dreamed of. But she was terrified, lacking in confidence and also a little lazy.

So now I am over 40. This website is THE BEGINNING OF MY TOMORROWS to come. I no longer have the time to be lazy or complacent. I have made a conscience decision to tell my stories, to put away my fear of redundancy and allow the creative energies I’ve always had come out in whatever form they wish. This is an ARTISTIC JOURNEY that I am embarking on…and through my words, images, angels, and blogs I hope that you will be witness to it…